Сustomization is individualisation of products to concrete customers' orders. Etching is a group of processing methods for controlled removing of a die's surface layer under the action of pointedly selected reagents. A number of ways of etching provides for activation of etching reagent by means of other physical phenomenon, for example overlapping of external electric fields under electrochemical etching, ionization of atoms and molecule of the reagent under plasma-ionic etching.

In literature the term "etching" as a rule is followed by the definition, which explains a specific etching technology (chemical, acidic, alcalinous, electrochemical). The usage of a term "etching" without an additory definition as a rule means chemical etching in aqueous electrolytes.

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Chemical engraving
Etching is a group of technological methods for controlled removal of the surface layer of material from a preform under the action of specially selected chemical reagents. A number of etching methods involve the activation of etching reagents by other physical phenomena, for example, by applying an external electric field in electrochemical etching, by ionizing atoms and molecules of reagents in ion-plasma etching, etc.
In the literature, the term "etching", as a rule, is accompanied by a definition explaining the specific etching technology (chemical, acidic, alkaline, electrochemical, etc.). When the term "pickling" is used without further definition, chemical etching in the aqueous electrolyte is generally understood.

Custom Top Cap, Drip Tip, Sleeve
Drip type and top cap, this is a great way to express your taste and emphasize the severity or unusual appearance of your device or atomizer. Excellent combinations of plum and topkap, will help make the appearance of your device more monolithic, but very memorable, helping to stand out to you from the common masses.
Table lamp
Manual desktop lamp, changing the position in space with the help of control knobs. The mechanical part consists of a two-stage gearbox with a total gear ratio of 10.5. The rotation of the control handle causes the gears of the reducer to rotate and is then converted into a reciprocating motion of the drive arms. Rotation of the structure around its axis is possible by 360 degrees - a reasonable limitation is only an electric wire.

Waist bag

Belt bag from Parovar_custom is a handy device made of genuine leather, stylish design, for the most necessary everyday things. It perfectly fit your custom mod, batteries and so on. It is light, but roomy, with an adjustable waist belt. It has two branches with a zip with ergonomic design. There are also secret compartments for documents and money.
Powder painting
Powder coating is a method of obtaining polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties. The powder coating method is a popular alternative to applying liquid paint materials for parts that can be heat-treated
Stabilized wood - bars are impregnated with polymer composition, in order to improve its physical and operational properties.
Stabilize your tree.
Work on individual sizes.
Hybrids to order. Any color and size.
ModBoxes and stuff

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